WTA Major Tournaments: 2013

by Tennis Lessons Singapore on December 31, 2012

WTA logoThis page is an ongoing piece to make it far easier and much quicker for YOU to find the information that YOU are looking for about the MAJOR WTA tournaments in 2013.

There are 10 WTA major tournaments each year in addition to the four Grand Slams which, when combined (10+4) make up the “BIG 14” in tennis. The BIG 14 is a term coined by OnCourt Advantage in order to increase awareness that there are actually 14 big or major tournaments and not just four.

The 10 majors (listed below) consist of four WTA Premier Mandatory, five WTA Premier Five tournaments and the final showdown or season finale : the year-end championships for which only the best eight performed players each year qualify called the WTA Championships or WTA Finals.

Once completed this page will provide a directory for each of the major tournaments. The directory pages contain interesting and useful details including, how to buy official tickets, how to “Like” and “Follow” the official tournament Facebook and Twitter pages, the official tournament name given sponsorship naming rights, qualifying dates, main draw dates and the day of the singles final, the current title holder, centre court facts i.e. seating capacity and how long the event has been held.

Interestingly, on four occasions in 2013 two major WTA tournaments are held in back-to-back weeks: Indian Wells then Miami in March, Madrid followed by Rome in May, Montreal to Cincinnati in August plus Tokyo and Beijing in late September through to early October.

Of the ten major WTA tournaments seven are held on outdoor courts (Doha, Indian Wells, Miami, Toronto, Cincinnati, Tokyo and Beijing), one on an indoor hard court (Istanbul) and two on clay courts (Madrid and Rome). Indian Wells, Miami, Madrid and Beijing are the Premier Mandatory events. Doha, Rome, Toronto, Cincinnati and Tokyo are the Premier Five events, whilst Istanbul is the WTA Championships.

Once the 2013 directory page is completed for each of these major tournaments a link to that page will be added to the name of the city where that major tournament will be held. The links appear in blue letters and contain that particular tournament’s index or directory page to all of the posts covered for that tournament here at OnCourt Advantage.

WTA major tournament calendar in date order for 2013 is:

  1. DOHA in Qatar – Main Draw: 11-17 February
  2. INDIAN WELLS in the USA – Main Draw: 6-17 March
  3. MIAMI in the USA – Main Draw: 19-31 March
  4. MADRID in Spain – Main Draw: 4-12 May
  5. ROME in Italy – Main Draw: 13-19 May
  6. TORONTO in Canada – Main Draw: 5-11 August
  7. CINCINNATI in the USA – Main Draw: 12-18 August
  8. TOKYO in Japan – Main Draw: 22-28 September
  9. BEIJING in China – Main Draw: 28 September to 6 October
  10. ISTANBUL in Turkey – Main Draw: 22-27 October

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