Australian Open 2013 Women’s Singles Draw: Qualifying

by Tennis Lessons Singapore on January 3, 2013

Petra KvitovaThe 2013 Australian Open women’s qualifying singles event begins on Thursday 10 January at 10am local time in Melbourne. YOU can attend the entire qualifying event without having to pay for a ticket, yes, it is free entry! To watch the tennis in Singapore subtract 3 hours from the local time in Melbourne.

The women’s qualifying event is drawn a day later and commences a day later than the men’s qualifying event because less spots are allocated to qualifiers in the women’s singles main draw. There are 12 spots for female qualifiers as compared to 16 men’s spots, therefore the draw size is 96 for the women versus 128 for the men. However, the women in the qualifying are rewarded with a LOT MORE ranking points per round than their male counterparts.

As soon as the qualifying draw is announced on Wednesday 9 January it will be added right here-> Australian Open 2013 Women’s Singles Draw: Qualifying 1st Round.

There are 24 seeds in the qualifying which means that the highest 24 ranked players are seeded to meet each other in “The Qualifying Round”. The Qualifying Round is the final round that decides which 12 players qualify for the main draw. The 24 seeds for the qualifying event will determined in ranking order according to the WTA rankings released on Monday 7 January 2013.

The seeds do not receive a BYE in the 1st round of the qualifying event. All players must win three matches in a row in order to qualify. The qualifying draws are different to main draws because these events do not play off until there is one undefeated player. Therefore, the No.1 seed and the No.2 seed are not separated at the opposite ends of the draw.

In many ways it is better to compete in the qualifying than to be given a wildcard into the main draw. Here is a breakdown of the ranking points and prize money per round for the qualifying event:

  1. $3,280 Australian dollars and 2 WTA ranking points to players who lose in the 1st round of qualifying;
  2. $6,560 and 40 WTA ranking points to players that win through to the 2nd round of qualifying but are then defeated;
  3. $13,120 and 50 ranking points to players who win through to the 3rd round of qualifying but are then defeated; and
  4. $27,600 and 60 ranking points to players who qualify for the main draw but are then defeated in the 1st round of the main draw.

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