Australian Open 2013 Men’s Schedule of Play

The 2013 Australian Open announced on 2 October 2012 that the total prize money will be increased by AUD$4 million dollars for 2013 to set a record for Grand Slam tournaments of $30 million, which means the 2013 event will offer more prize money per round than any other tournament! To make it easier for YOU to follow, watch or attend this tournament OnCourt Advantage details below how the ATP ranking points and prize money are allocated round-by-round plus what the schedule of play is for each day.

The 2012 Australian Open marked the 100th time the tournament was played and was certainly an emphatic success with the 2010 attendance record being slammed with a new record of 686,006. To watch the tennis in Singapore subtract 3 hours from the Melbourne local times listed below.

The men’s singles event begins one day before the women’s singles event and ends one day after the women’s event is scheduled to end. The first day that the men compete is on January 9 with the qualifying singles draw and the Men’s Singles Final will be played on Sunday 27 January.

The 2012 Australian Open Men’s singles champion Novak DJOKOVIC is pictured above with the trophy he fought SO hard for, in what will go down as one of the most amazing sporting events in history. Djokovic won his third Australian Open title and fifth Grand Slam singles title by defeating the amazing and brilliant competitor in Rafael NADAL.

The 1.88m Djokovic won in 5 hours and 53 minutes in the most amazing Grand Slam singles final you could have possibly seen to date. The 24-year-old Serbian won 5-7, 6-4, 6-2, 6-7, 7-5 and together with Rafa the 10-time Grand Slam singles champion, showcased why tennis IS the best sport in the world.

The main draw matches are played each day in a day session beginning at 11am and a night session starting at 7pm in the first week and 7:30pm in the second week. The exception is on Men’s Final Day when play begins at 7:30pm. The centre court at the Australian Open is called Rod Laver Arena.

Please note that the tournament management can alter the schedule from day to day.

The ATP ranking points and prize money for the men’s tournament is awarded to the players like this:

  1. The winner earns 2,000 points + $2,430,000;
  2. The runner-up earns 1,200 points + $1,215,000;
  3. The two semi finalists earn 720 points + $500,000;
  4. The four quarter finalists earn 360 points + $250,000;
  5. The 8 players who lose in the round of 16 earn 180 points + $125,000;
  6. The 16 players who lose in the 3rd round earn 90 points + $71,000;
  7. The 32 players who lose in the 2nd round earn 45 points + $45,500;
  8. The *players who lose in the 1st round earn 10 points + $27,600.

*The points awarded to a 1st round loser vary according to how they were allocated a place in the 1st round.

For further details about the different rankings points allocations for different situations for 1st round losers and for players who gain entry into the main draw from the qualifying event you will be able to click here once the following post is completed-> Australian Open 2013 Men’s Singles Draw: Qualifying.

The schedule of play for the 2013 Australian Open Men’s Singles event is:

  • Wednesday 9 January: Qualifying 1st round at 10am;
  • Thursday 10 January: Qualifying 1st round at 10am;
  • Friday 11 January: Qualifying 2nd round at 10am;
  • Saturday 12 January: Qualifying 3rd round at 10am;
  • Monday 14 January: Main Draw 1st round from 11am and 7pm;
  • Tuesday 15 January: 1st round from 11am and 7pm;
  • Wednesday 16 January: 2nd round from 11am and 7pm;
  • Thursday 17 January: 2nd round from 11am and 7pm;
  • Friday 18 January: 3rd round from 11am and 7pm;
  • Saturday 19 January: 3rd round from 11am and 7pm;
  • Sunday 20 January: Round of 16 from 11am and 7pm;
  • Monday 21 January: Round of 16 from 11am and 7:30pm;
  • Tuesday 22 January: Quarter Finals from 11am and 7:30pm;
  • Wednesday 23 January: Quarter Finals from 11am and 7:30pm;
  • Thursday 24 January: 1st Semi Final at 7:30pm;
  • Friday 25 January: 2nd Semi Final at 7:30pm;
  • Saturday 26 January: No men’s matches today; and
  • Sunday 27 January: Men’s Singles Final at 7:30pm.

© photo credit: Australian Open

9 thoughts on “Australian Open 2013 Men’s Schedule of Play”

  1. Wonder if anyone else complained about some of the very bad behaviour exhibited by drunken and overloud fans at the 2012 men’s final. A very drunk couple were finally ejected by security after at least two people complained of their swearing and inconsiderate behaviour. It took several hours before they were sent packing to the delight of all around them who clapped but it should have happened much sooner. I dont want to see alcohol banned but maybe that’s the way it will have to go. It’s a shame that the very few bad apples ruin it for thr rest of us.

  2. we will be in Melbourne on Jan. 22, 2013 for 4 days. How can I purchase tickets for Jan. 23, 2013 men’s quarter finals?

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