Australian Open 2012 Men’s Semi Finals

by Tennis Lessons Singapore on December 28, 2011

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can anybody give me their best (educated) guess as to which semi final Roger Federer would be seeded to feature in. Either the thurs 26th one or fri 27th affair…..”

The first men’s semi final of the 2012 Australian Open is played on Thursday 26 January. The second semi final is played on Friday 27 January. However, there is no way to REALLY know which semi final Roger Federer will be seeded to feature in, prior to the draw taking place. For the full details for the Men’s schedule of play for the entire tournament, prize money and ranking points details click this link-> 2012 Australian Open Men’s Schedule


An important thing to consider is at what number will Federer be seeded. Federer is ranked at No.3 due to the fact that he is 790 ATP ranking points ahead of Andy Murray. The seeding for the Australian Open men’s singles draw will follow the ATP rankings that are released on Monday 9 January. This means that the ranking points earned at the two ATP tournaments conducted in the week prior to the Australian Open will NOT count in the selection of the seeds for the Australian Open.

In the first week of January, Murray is playing in the Brisbane International and Federer is playing in the Qatar Open. All tournaments in January prior to the Australian Open are 250 category ATP events, which means Federer is pretty safe in remaining as the No.3 seed for the Australian Open.

When the Australian Open draw is done the No.1 seed (Novak Djokovic) is placed in the top half of the draw and the No.2 seed (Rafael Nadal) is placed in the bottom half of the draw, so they are unable to meet each other until the Men’s Singles Final. Next, the No.3 and No.4 seed are drawn randomly with the first number drawn going into the top half of the draw with the No.1 seed and the other seed going into the bottom half of the draw with the No.2 seed. There is no set order like it’s No.1 versus No.4 in the semi finals and No.2 versus No.3 OR No.1 v. No.3 and No.2 v. No.4. Therefore, you cannot predict which semi final date the No.3 seed or No.4 seed will be playing on as yet.

The earliest possible time to find out whether the semi final that Federer is seeded to play in is on Friday 13 January. The official Australian Open 2012 draw takes place at 10am that morning, which means you will then know which half of the draw Federer is on, either the top half or the bottom half of the draw. Later that day the tournament organisers will decide on and release the schedule of play for Monday 15 January. Once this has been announced then you will know which half of the draw they chose to play first and whichever half begins first will be the half of the draw that plays the first semi final on Thursday 26 January.

Your question raises some interesting points.

  1. Do you think it is in the best interests of tennis for the semi finalists to be placed in a set order like No.1 plays No.4 and No.2 plays No.3 at every tournament or do you think the way it is done now is better and WHY?
  2. Do you think the tournaments should do the draw on the same day that the seeding will follow? This would maximise the possibility for fans to actually see their favourite player, give people more time to plan the days they will buy tickets for and to buy their tickets. Most importantly, it would increase the likelihood that the tennis consumer will be satisfied at the same time.
  3. Do you think it would provide a better Men’s Singles Final and spectacle if both semi finals were played on the same day?

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