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The winner is Mike T who answered 14 out of 14 questions correctly. The runners-up were Sarah at and Sam Edwards. Sarah answered 13 out of 13 and Sam 13 out of 14. Honourable mentions to the 12 of out 14 contestants: Malia, Sian, Jalen, Ollie Kemsley and Brandon Kong.


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Rules/Conditions of entry:

  • One question about the Australian Open will be asked on each day of the main draw singles tournament. Therefore, there will be a total of 14 questions. The question will be posted on this site each day at 9:45am Melbourne time and at 10:45am on the weekends. You can leave as many answers as you want and ALL the correct answers are in the 2011 Australian Open posts on this website.
  • The winner of the NEW tennis racquet will need to satisfy Step 1 and Step 3 OR Step 2 and Step 3 of the above “How to enter” steps.
  • The winner of this competition will answer the MOST questions correctly. IF there is a tie then the entrant who answers the greater number of questions BEFORE the other tied person or persons will be deemed the winner by count back.
  • The final decision lies with @OnCourtAd and @10sworld
  • The competition will be open from now until the conclusion of the 2011 Australian Open Men’s Singles Final on 30 January this year.
  • The winner will be announced on Monday 31 January at the Top of this post and notified via Email, Twitter and/or Facebook.
  • Your official answer will be the answer you leave as a comment on this post. The official time will be the real time that you leave your answer via a comment. Please note that all comments will NOT automatically appear BUT go into a “awaiting moderation” queue in time and date order.

Good luck! Please feel free to ask questions if you have any queries. Thank you for joining our quiz and above all ENJOY the 2011 Australian Open tennis :-)

  1. Question 1: The 2011 Australian Open is the ???th time this tournament is being held?
  2. Question 2: The Australian Open women’s singles event is being held for the ???th time in 2011?
  3. Question 3: What are the FULL details of the name, brand, type and colour of the court surface that the 2011 Australian Open is being played on?
  4. Question 4: The 2011 Australian Open is the ???th consecutive year that this tournament has been played on hard courts?
  5. Question 5: What is the difference between the number of spots for QUALIFIERS in the men’s and women’s singles draws at the 2011 Australian Open?
  6. Question 6: IF there is a first time women’s winner at Australian Open 2011 – How many different women would that make to WIN the women’s singles title in the Open-era?
  7. Question 7: Which man and woman were awarded the 5th of the 8 wild card into their respective singles events in 2011 Australian Open?
  8. Question 8: How many ATP ranking points will qualifier Milos Raonic earn if he loses against David Ferrer?
  9. Question 9: How many ranking points are received by a wild card who is a 1st round loser in the men’s and women’s singles draws at the 2011 Australian Open?
  10. Question 10: Of the 4 Discretionary MEN’s Wild Cards in the 2011 Australian Open, how many did OCA correctly guess would receive these 4 Wild Cards?
  11. Question 11: What are the names of the men’s and women’s trophies presented to the Australian Open singles champions?
  12. Question 12: What time and day did the 2011 Australian Open singles draw take place PLUS which draw was done first?
  13. Question 13: Does the starting time for the night session change during the 2011 Australian Open? If so, provide ALL details?
  14. Question 14: What can’t OCA wait for today? See Men’s Final Preview :-)

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135 thoughts on “Australian Open 2011 Win a Tennis Racquet Quiz”

  1. Hello there, just became alert to your tennis site through Google, and found that it is truly informative. I am gonna watch out for more. I will be grateful if you continue this in future. Many people will benefit from your writing. Cheers!

  2. Q12-it was held on 10am 14 JANUARY,friday AEST
    .womens are drawn first.
    Q13-Yes,january 24..monday the starting time for the night sessions changed from 7pm-7.30pm AEST

  3. Q1- 99th
    Q2- 84th
    Q3- the Australian Open is also known, is held at Melbourne Park in Richmond on True Blue Plexicushion Prestige medium-paced hard courts
    Q4- 24th time it has been held on hard courts
    Q5- Difference of 4. (16 men’s qualifiers and 12 women’s qualifiers)
    Q6- 20th
    Q7- Alicia Molik and Matthew Ebden
    Q8- 35 points
    Q9- 10 in the ATP, 5 in the WTA.
    Q10- Four out of four
    Q11- The Norman Brookes Challenge Cup (men’s trophy) and Daphne Akhurst Memorial Cup (women’s trophy)
    Q12- it was held on Friday 14th January at 10 AM. The women’s draw was created first.
    Q13. Yes. On Monday 24th January the starting time for the night sessions changes from 7pm to 7.30pm.
    Q14. Until it’s showtime!

  4. The 2011 Australian Open Men’s Singles Final will be played this Sunday January 30 at 7:30pm between No.3 seed Novak Djokovic and No.5 seed Andy Murray

    Its finally the FINAL

    1. Seriously, friggin’ great preview. You’ve got me hyped up for this game w/ all that info about Murray vs. Djokovic. Read it people!

  5. Q13. men’s night matches start at 7pm the first week, 7:30pm the second week, and men’s final at 7:30pm.
    All women’s night matches begin at 7:30pm.

  6. Q13- From Monday Jan 17 through Sunday Jan 23, night session began at 7pm local time. From Monday Jan 24 through Thursday January 27, the night session begins at 7:30pm local time. From Friday January 28, until Sunday January 30, there is no “night session.” The night and day session are intertwined into the “Twilight Session” between Friday January 28 until Sunday January 30. The schedule for the Twilight Session on Friday Jan 28 is a match at 3pm followed by a match not before 7:30 pm local time. On Saturday January 29, the Twilight Session schedule is a match at 1pm, followed by a Women’s final match at 7:30pm and then the men’s doubles final. On Sunday Jan 30, the Twilight Session begins at 4:30pm with the Mixed Doubles final followed by the Men’s Singles Final.

  7. Night matches for the first week start at 7pm. The second week they start at 7:30pm. Men’s final day starts at 7:30pm.

    1. Q13. men’s night matches start at 7pm the first week, 7:30pm the second week, and men’s final at 7:30pm.
      All women’s night matches begin at 7:30pm.

  8. Q13: Yes the night sessions take place at different times during the AO 2011.

    For the women’s singles, from Monday 17 January to Sunday 23 January, the night session starts at 7pm (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and half of the Round of 16 draw). From Monday 24 January to Wednesday 26 January, the night session starts at 7:30pm (other half of Round of 16 draw, and quarter finals). The semi finals start in the afternoon on Friday 28 January at 1:30pm though, but the final starts Saturday 29 January at 7:30pm.

    For the men’s singles, the schedule is identical up until the semi finals. The first semi final starts on Thursday 27 January at 7:30pm, while the second starts the next day Friday 28 January also at 7:30pm. The final is Sunday 30 January at 7:30pm.

  9. For the women singles:

    The matches each day are played in a day session beginning at 11am and a night session starting at 7:30pm except for on the final two days that women’s matches are played. For these two days (Thursday 27 and Saturday 29 January), the matches are all played on centre court with play beginning at 1:30pm on semi finals day and 7:30pm for the Women’s Singles Final.

  10. 13. it does change
    The 1st night session match is at GMT 7pm and is between (1) Roger Federer versus (7) Fernando Verdasco.

    The night session match is at GMT 7pm for day 2-6 also

    Thursday 28 January Men’s Singles Semi Final at 7:30pm

    Friday 29 January Men’s Singles Semi Final at 7:30pm

    Sunday 31 January Men’s Singles Final at 7:30pm

    so basically,

    The main draw matches are played each day in a day session beginning at 11am and a night session starting at 7pm in the first week and 7:30pm in the second week. The exception is on Men’s Final Day when play begins at 7:30pm.

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