There are 10 MAJOR men’s tennis tournaments each year on the ATP World Tour in addition to the four Grand Slams which, when combined (10+4) make up the “BIG 14” in tennis. The BIG 14 is a term coined by OnCourt Advantage in order to increase awareness that there are actually 14 big or major tournaments and not just the four Grand Slams.

Once every four years the Olympics tennis events are added to the calendar giving players’ the chance to represent their country and compete for an Olympic medal.

The 2012 tournament calendar for these MAJORS in date order is:

  1. March 6-18, 2012INDIAN WELLS, USA – ATP Tour Masters 1000
  2. March 19-April 1, 2012MIAMI, USA – ATP Tour Masters 1000
  3. April 7-15, 2012: MONTE CARLO, Monaco – ATP Tour Masters 1000
  4. April 27-May 6, 2012MADRID, Spain – ATP Tour Masters 1000
  5. May 5-13, 2012ROME, Italy – ATP Tour Masters 1000
  6. August 3-12, 2012TORONTO, Canada – ATP Tour Masters 1000
  7. August 11-19, 2012CINCINNATI, USA – ATP Tour Masters 1000
  8. October 6-14, 2012SHANGHAI, China – ATP Tour Masters 1000
  9. October 27-November 4, 2012PARIS, France – ATP Tour Masters 1000
  10. November 5-12, 2012LONDON, United Kingdom – ATP Tour Finals

If you click on the blue underlined word/s it will take you to the directory page for that particular major men’s tournament, which contains a link to every post and all of the specific details of that tournament. The directories were and are added to this site to make it far quicker for you to locate what you want to find.

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