Serena Williams at Roland Garros FB WTShe’s stormed ahead at the French Open, taken the Australian Open with contemptuous ease and now, she’s lending her talents to budding tennis players.

That’s right – World #1 Serena Williams, who has been playing professionally for an incredible 20 years now, recently agreed to reveal some of her training secrets as part of a series of educational videos for

The website specialises in offering video tutorials for those wishing to pursue a number of vocations from performing arts to photography. Other big names joining Williams include Dustin Hoffman, who will be providing acting tips, and Usher, who will guide budding entertainers on how to take to the stage.

For aspiring tennis stars however, the three-time Olympic gold medal winner is now starring in 10 hour-long video tutorials which will cover all the basic skills required for tennis from groundstrokes to serving. Those who are interested can sign up to the classes for a modest $90 – pretty good value for money considering she holds 19 Grand Slam Singles titles and boasts an impressive 128mph serve.

Having recently beaten fellow American Sloane Stevens to make her way through to the quarter finals of the French Open, it’s fair to say that Williams has had a lot on her plate recently. She made headlines in May when she decided to pull out of the Italian Open, citing an elbow injury. The 33-year-old told fans: “We have to make the right decisions for the future, not for now. You know I hate, hate quitting, and this isn’t quitting; it’s just making a good decision.”

Williams was keen to put all her focus into the French Open, and it’s evident that it’s paying off so far. Now, with a well-deserved rest between the Grand Slam at Roland-Garros and Wimbledon, she will be keen to win her sixth Women’s Singles title when the event kicks off on June 29.

Having won the London-based event in 2000, 2002, 2008, 2009 and 2012, Williams is firm favourite with Coral to take home the title again this year, proving that she is just the right kind of talent to impart wisdom to budding tennis players.

With so many Grand Slam events to take on this summer, it’s a wonder she’s had time in her busy schedule to take part in the tutorials. It’s safe to say, however, today’s generation of tennis players will be eternally grateful.

Novak Djokovic in ShanghaiA typical Grand Slam tennis match is no longer just about the stroke and bounce, it’s also about branding. The last decade has been dominated with clothing proudly displaying swooshes (Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams) and three striped sleeves (Andy Murray, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Caroline Wozniacki) as well as the odd double diamond. It’s been fairly predictable until now. There’s a new goup of fashion and lifestyle brands jumping onto court and they’re putting big money behind the players.

It was a bit of a surprise when Novak Djokovic signed with Japanese fast-fashion brand Uniqlo – a brand known more for its puffy jackets than its sports apparel. But it’s been a complete boon for the Asian company as the tennis player has introduced Uniqlo to a new market through his continued excellent performance.

Six months later, other high street retailers jumped on the bandwagon with Swedish company H&M announcing it had signed up Czech player Tomas Berdych to wear its first tennis line. The success of the partnership has resulted in H&M dressing the Swedish Olympic, Paralympic and Winter Olympic teams.

Next up was New Balance who signed young Canadian Milos Raonic to wear their gear and then UnderArmour who have had an ever increasing deal with Sloane Stephens – both future stars of the Grand Slam circuit. By getting in early these companies will have received excellent bang for their buck – that is, of course, assuming these new players perform up to expectation.

Tennis sponsorship has become a high risk game – a bit like gambling on Unlike sponsoring big teams, tennis sponsorship means relying on just one person versus a few potential stars in one team. But the rewards too are high. Thanks to strict laws on branding, only the sponsor’s logo is in sight.

It’s likely we will be seeing many more fast-fashion, high street brands on the court, eroding the market share of Nike and Adidas. It’s all a matter of forecasting at the moment for both players and brands. The rewards could be extremely high.

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Australian Open 2014 tennis shop

With Christmas just over a month away now is the time to get your discount sporting goods and Australian Open 2014 souvenirs and presents.

The Australian Open tennis shop has his and hers covered plus for children with all the merchandise that you could possibly want. A list of the official merchandise is below.

Pictured is the very popular Australian Open 2014 official men’s player towel, definitely a must for the collection. I certainly snaffled a the French Open men’s player towel not long after entering the grounds at Roland Garros this year!

Australian Open 2014 merchandise:

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Andy Murray captures Wimbledon trophy

The recent spell of warm weather, teamed with Andy Murray’s spectacular victory at Wimbledon, has hugely increased the popularity of tennis as a recreational sport. If you’re thinking of playing tennis, here is some essential advice for you to follow…


The great thing about tennis is that limited equipment is needed to play; making it the perfect sport for those on a budget.

However, investing in a pair of trainers is essential for even the most casual of players, as wearing unsuitable footwear could lead to an injury that could end your tennis career before it’s even begun. I know it’s hard to choose between brands when most big sports brands put so much money into development. But Andy Murray uses Adidas – so maybe that’s a good indication of quality. I use Adidas and I’m almost as good if not better than Andy (fictitious embellishment), so I think Adidas is the right call. There are some great value Adidas available from Brantano, to save you shelling out a million pounds from a specialised sports retailer.

Similarly, there are many factors to consider when choosing a racket. If you’re a first-timer then opt for a racket with a larger size head, as this will improve your ability to hit the ball as well as the distance you hit it. Visit your local sports shop for advice on grip size as this can be tricky to get right and can affect your play.

Where to play

There’s no greater way to spend a summer’s day than out on the court with friends. Outdoor courts are a great way of getting some exercise outdoors, plus they are usually free of charge.

However when the British weather fails us, your tennis doesn’t have to suffer too. Move your game inside at one of many indoor courts throughout the country. In addition, local schools and sport associations usually run tennis clubs throughout the summer so it might be worth checking them out too, and to link up with other tennis fans.

Getting Started

You’ve got the tennis bug and the most tempting thing to do right now is to dive straight in. If your current fitness level is low, you may find that you start to ache after your first game. This is very common and is usually because you are using muscles that you wouldn’t normally use on a daily basis. If this is the case, set yourself a few rest days in-between your matches to allow your body time to recover and recharge. Once you feel your tennis ability, skills and fitness are growing, think about entering yourself into some competitive matches.

So now you know everything you need to know, you’re ready to hit the court and start playing tennis! Next stop, Wimbledon…

© photo courtesy of HEAD Tennis

Tennis Express is a full-service online specialty tennis store that stocks a massive range of tennis gear and products. From Houston in Texas they have been shipping all around the world for over a decade.

I recommend you check out their state of the art website and do your tennis shopping by clicking on the “tennis EXPRESS” logo to the right or here-> send me to tennis heaven!

Tennis Express aims to deliver the best consumer experience and strives to be the most preferred online tennis retailer.

Tennis Express have a team of specialists to help you and advise you on what to choose and why that will assist you to enjoy an advantage when you are on court.

What Tennis Express do that is especially useful to you, the consumer, is provide a tremendous amount of relevant video content such as racquet reviews, pro player gear updates etc. so you are more informed before you make your choice on what to buy.

Tennis Express was recently named Retailer of the Year by the Tennis Industry in RSI Magazine (pro/specialty category) and also by Babolat.



The fever-pitch excitement as Andy Murray fought back from a two sets to love deficit in yesterday’s tense quarter final, will have you itching to play tennis all summer. The 1.9m Scot plays in the semi finals for the fifth straight year for a chance to go one step further than last year and win The Championships.

Eurocamp is making it easy for you to enjoy your tennis on holidays by offering a 30% saving on their top 5 parcs for tennis, if Murray makes it to the Wimbledon Men’s Final.

Perfect for when you’ve had your fix of tennis, the Eurocamp parcs are close to exciting local places that offer activities such as boat trips, brewery tours and a glimpse at Roman architecture.

Terms and conditions

For this discount to be valid you must use this discount code-> 13-WIM and this discount code must be used between 8 July and 14 July inclusive. For the more comprehensive details about the Eurocamp parcs and tennis  deals and the full terms and conditions please visit->

Carefully listen to the descriptive lyrics about Murray’s tennis style…

Andy Murray’s mother Judy, invited Elgin-born PE teacher Keith Meisner to the 2013 Wimbledon Championships. The 26-year-old Meisner is a friend from Andy’s junior tennis days, who wrote, “Under the Lights (Song for Andy Murray)”. Meisner was to perform the song Friday 28 June on Murray Mound – previously known as Henman Hill in the SW19 grounds where spectators watch the matches on the big screen.

The song title refers to Murray’s tennis career and life of bright lights: camera flashes and the glare of court floodlights at his historic US Open victory. The proceeds from this tribute song to Andy Murray the “Diamond of Dunblane” on iTunes go to Murray’s best friend, ATP Tour player Ross Hutchins cancer charity. To support Ross Hutchins and his cancer charity please purchase the song directly from this iTunes link-> Under the Lights (Song for Andy Murray).

Meisner performs under the name “The Exile of Elgin” and himself was close to playing the Wimbledon juniors after touring around the country by Judy to the tournaments they both played.





Hot Off the Press

Andy Murray took part in a Wimbledon warm-up with a difference this year as he faced mini-versions of the world’s top sporting stars in a brand new online video with the Set4Sport Superstars.

Set4Sport is an exciting programme created and designed by Judy Murray. The Set4Sport programme aims to inspire parents how to take up sporting play with their children through simple games in a fun environment.

Supported by RBS since the 2011 launch, it is a free toolkit bursting with fun activities that facilitate improvement in co-ordination, balance and agility for children.

Visit to register for your free book or to download the free app.

After the tough defeat Andy Murray said: “I had great fun playing with all the mini superstars, they were certainly a very competitive bunch! As kids, Jamie and I played games like these as soon as we could walk. We didn’t know it then, but we were all taking part in the most basic of coaching sessions and, most importantly, loving every minute of it.”

Set4Sport was inspired by the games Judy played with her sons, US Open Champion Andy and Wimbledon Champion Jamie. Judy Murray, enthused: “I have fond memories of playing the activities and games featured in the Set4Sport Superstars video more than twenty years ago – and Andy and Jamie were as competitive then as they are today! The beauty of Set4Sport is it allows children to develop their core skills in a fun environment using every day household items.”

See how the Set4Sport Superstars outplayed the World No.2 despite having an average age of less than 7-years-old here…