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PLAY Tennis, No Excuses!

February 10, 2011

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Want to play TENNIS? Take Advantage of this and JUUMP OnCourt NOW! The purpose of this post is to try to make it as easy as possible for YOU to start playing tennis and/or to help you play even MORE tennis. If you are in Hong Kong, this Hong Kong based tennis site will actively […]


After announcing THE 2011 tennis plan in my Tennis Rhyme the plan gets underway with this 2011 Tennis To-Do List. There are so many issues that need to be evaluated and improved upon in order for a more effective and efficient way for tennis to operate and perform. There is always a better way to do […]


Today is Tennis Day

December 11, 2010

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December 11 is the perfect day, To let you in on what I have to say. My main goal in 2011, Is to create a TENNIS HEAVEN. We’re going to make THE difference, YOU are going to help at my insistence. Instead of taking what you can for yourself, Together let’s put tennis on the […]


WORLD EXCLUSIVE for OnCourt Advantage: In part 1 of this story we revealed that Andy Murray was cheated out of a possible spot in the semi finals of the ATP World Tour Finals. Murray was said to have missed out on a semi final spot by one game with a 43-44 record. To this day the ATP […]

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WORLD EXCLUSIVE for OnCourt Advantage: The following news has not been revealed anywhere in the world to date. Andy Murray was cheated out of a possible spot in the semi finals of the ATP World Tour Finals. Murray was excluded from the semi finals because he was said to have one less game than Roger Federer with 43 […]


photo credit:Lucky B OnCourt Advantage (OCA) was started in an effort to make tennis known and accepted as the No.1 sport in the world. Spending years working in the tennis industry, it is clear that the way tennis is and has been delivered to the consumer, is the number one reason why tennis is NOT reaching its full potential as the world’s most played, watched and […]

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Is GRUNTING good for the success and integrity of the game or is it turning more people and sponsors away? When all is said and done, the greater good of the game needs to come before individual players and what they choose to do. Everything should be done to maximise the number of people who watch broadcast tennis, […]


We need to get GRUNTING in tennis under control NOW. The purpose of this POST is to provide an opportunity for YOU to make a difference in the tennis world. YOU and I are the consumers of all things tennis. Your voice needs to be and deserves to be heard. Grunting hindrance is a problem on the ATP Tour and even more […]