The OnCourt Advantage Mission

by Tennis Lessons Singapore

The guiding force behind OnCourt Advantage is to live by and encourage the continual pursuit of greater learning and improvement in all aspects of tennis. After a lifelong exploration of how to increase effectiveness, efficiency, enjoyment and success in tennis, OnCourt Advantage is motivated to use this research and knowledge to make tennis the No.1 sport in the world.

OnCourt Advantage promotes tennis all year round with a focus on interacting with readers, building networks and followers through coverage of the professional tennis tours, tennis products and services in addition to your personal requests.

OnCourt Advantage goals:

  1. To assist the community to play tennis and increase the level of enjoyment when doing so;
  2. To assist tennis players to get the most out of the sport with their friends and families, for life;
  3. To increase the number of people who play and watch tennis;
  4. To increase the enjoyment of viewers by motivating and educating them so that they want to watch and play the game far more often;
  5. To supply reader’s with the information to increasingly understand and appreciate tennis;
  6. To encourage tennis businesses and organising bodies to unify in the BEST interests of tennis;
  7. To deliver information for your benefit to save you time and money; and
  8. To follow the WTA and ATP Tours and provide all the details you need to make it easy to follow tennis, get tennis tickets and watch tennis all year round.

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