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OnCourt Advantage is the destination for engaging tennis news and tournament coverage.

OnCourt Advantage reports on what’s happening in the tennis world, the four Grand Slam tournaments, the 14 major men’s and women’s events and more.

Launched in 2009, OnCourt Advantage is now in its fifth year of operation. With continual increases in traffic, readership and selection as an official Australian Open FanBassador. The Australian Open chose FanBassadors according to who provides the most useful analysis and commentary from different corners of the globe and who prove themselves by being particular active online and sharing a wealth of tennis knowledge.

Tennis really is the greatest sport in the world. To help keep tennis in the spotlight and to foster interest and engagement in the sport, OnCourt Advantage will be dedicating more time into marketing and promotion of tennis-related businesses, services and products to help tennis enthusiasts, players and consumers.

Jay Davern, The Editor

25 years in the tennis industry:

1) Bachelor of Applied Science (Tennis Performance)
2) Tennis Australia coaching qualifications
3) Tennis Centre Management with expertise in marketing, sales, building and retaining clientele
4) Working with top ITF juniors, ATP and WTA players
5) Tennis Writer for publications including Australian Tennis Magazine, Tennis Life and official tournament programs
6) Tennis equipment expertise and sales
7) 15-year research project into the key elements that make or break tennis players in competitive match situations
8) Research and application of mental training skills for tennis success
9) Extensive tennis experience in both Australia and South-East Asia
10) A tremendous amount of insider tennis knowledge

Take advantage of this opportunity to shape this site into the best tennis resource you can find, by leaving comments about:

1. Exactly what you want to know
2. Exactly what you want explained
3. How I can provide tennis benefits for you

To contact OnCourt Advantage please email info@oncourtadvantage.com.

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409 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. hi

    my serve sux
    i’ve studied the mechanics
    and practice often in
    all sorts of weather
    and yet my first serve percentage
    is approx
    i want to develop a power
    first serve
    any advices

    kin d regards
    tony ring

  2. hi

    how is Lukas Rosal
    doing this year
    where is he currently ranked
    has he qualified for the US Open
    or when and or how
    does one qualify
    i’m not always clear
    on the qualifying
    prior to a tournament

    kind regards
    tony ring

  3. hi

    i am from Canada
    and have wondered
    what happened to Helen Kelesi
    from Edmonton Alberta
    is she coaching now
    or commentating
    still playing?

    kind regards
    tony ring

  4. hi

    at the beginning
    of the season
    i always have problems
    with my backhand
    and it takes some time
    to get it together
    any backhand tips
    for me

    kind regards
    tony ring

  5. hi

    any tennis promoters
    trying to organize tournaments
    ie gals and guys playing each other
    or girls against the boys
    for fun
    just exhibition matches
    no monies
    to be won
    i bet the ratings
    would be good

    kind regards
    tony ring

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